The Best Way to Sell Your Gold

Getting cash for your gold, no matter what form it is in, is all the rage right now. Many people are looking for ways to sell their gold because they feel it is a quick way to earn a buck. The price of gold is continually on the rise, which makes the practice of selling your gold even more appealing. But there are so many avenues out there for you to choose from once you have decided to sell your gold that it may be overwhelming to choose one.

Some options would be to take your gold jewelry to a jeweler, hotel gold buy, or gold party. At all of these places, you can take your gold belongings and sell them for a fraction of what they are worth. You can generally get more for your gold at a jewelry shop if you are selling jewelry because a jeweler may be interested not only in the gold itself, but in the piece of jewelry as a whole. At other venues, the buyer is only interested in melting down the gold and will, therefore, not pay extra or more because the piece of jewelry is particularly well crafted. You also run the risk of getting less cash than your gold is worth at places like hotel gold buys and gold parties because the buyer may not be a gold expert. You must go into these types of events at your own risk.

One of your best options for getting cash for your gold is to take it to a pawn shop, like Imperial Pawn Brokers. A local gold pawn shop, like ours, will often give you the highest value for your gold. We are a mix between a jeweler and a collection agency for melting the gold down. A gold pawn shop will look at both the value of the piece of jewelry and the value of the gold itself. This allows the seller to get top dollar for their gold. Something that is unique to a gold pawn shop is that if you later decide you should not have parted with your precious gold belonging, you will usually have the chance to go back into the pawn shop and buy the piece back, at a slightly higher price than you sold it for.

If you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy gold pawn shop in Orange County to take your gold possessions to, look no further than Imperial Pawn Brokers. We can help you out with any transaction and make your gold selling adventure a pleasure.