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3 Reasons to Work With a Gold Pawn Shop

  Commercials for Cash for Gold shops can be heard on just about every radio station at any time of day. The popularity of selling your gold to gold pawn shops is on the rise and is promoted as one of the quickest ways to get large amounts of cash. While some of the commercials […]

Why Pawn Shops are for Everyone

It used to be thought that pawn shops were only used by the poor and by criminals. Pawn shops get a bad rap for this assumption. But in reality, pawn shops are for everyone. And, thankfully, that idea is beginning to spread and replace the old view of who pawn shop customers are/were.

REAL $500 Bill in Our Pawn Shop!!

Good morning! This is Guy from Imperial Pawnbrokers in Brea California. I wanted to show you guys a $500 bill we have here. It is very unusual and it’s in extremely good condition. The reason it is in good condition is back in the old days, in the 20s and 30s, they didn’t have wire […]