Orange County Pawn Shop takes your electronics & computers

If you’ve ever wondered if you could get a good deal on electronic or computers in a pawn shop, then this is the video for you. Check out Imperial Pawn Shop to get more information on buying, selling or pawning your cameras, computers and other electronics at this pawn shop in orange county.

We’re here to go over some stuff that we take in.

We do take electronics in. We have to be careful with electronics because it is a 4 month loan. So something that we take in today, if somebody doesn’t come back and pick it up, it’s actually 6 months before we’re selling that item.

You know how fast electronics change, every 3 months they come out with a new one.

Take cameras for instance, we have great prices on cameras but it seems like every 3 months, they’re changing the megapixels.

We take iPads in. We take iPods in. We take computers in.

It’s a little bit harder on electronics because they do go down so fast. But we do take them in so don’t be afraid to call us up or bring them in. Thanks.