No Tricks, Just Treats: 6 Reasons to Buy Jewelry From a Pawnshop

There are many different types of places you can find great jewelry: accessory shops, jewelry stores at the mall and even online stores. But sometimes buyers might be interested in finding something that’s a bit more unique and perhaps even has a story behind it. If this is what you’re looking for in a jewelry piece, then your local gold and silver pawnshop might be the perfect place for you to go. Here’s why:

1. Authentic, vintage and unique pieces.

Surely, your average jewelry store will have some pretty pieces, but they will all be missing one thing: a story. Most pawnshops sell jewelry that are vintage and estate pieces, most likely steeped in history and adventures. This can be quite helpful when looking for a gift for an old soul.

2. Value.

Pawnshops can offer jewelry at low prices because they have less overhead, are usually found in low-rent areas and they buy their pieces from individuals for cash. Pawnshops also don’t have to markup their prices and typically sell far under retail price.

3. Selection.

Jewelry stores can have hundreds of the same piece in their store, meaning that all of their customers are buying the same thing. At a pawnshop, you can buy jewelry that is truly one of a kind, with the inventory changing as customers buy and sell pieces.

4. Beautiful diamonds can be found in ugly or broken rings.

Similar to garage sale shopping, you can find (literal) diamonds in the rough. With a little imagination, you have the opportunity to find a beautiful diamond in a less than desirable setting that will be quite a bargain in comparison to already set pieces. This is also true with broken jewelry that has clear and large-sized stones. You can have a jeweler reset the stone for much less than he or she would charge for a brand new ring.

5. Layaway.

Not all pawnshops do this, but some offer a layaway option, meaning that you can reserve a piece of jewelry and work with a payment plan that fits your budget.

6. Helpful staff.

Pawnshop owners know jewelry inside and out. They can quickly tell the differences found in karats of gold and the clarity of diamonds. Most importantly, pawnbrokers are there to help the customer, wanting them to leave knowing that they have bought the best piece for the best price.

If you are interested in buying your next jewelry piece from a pawnshop, be sure to stop by Imperial Pawnbrokers today!