Need to Sell?


Have something that you want to sell, but don’t have the time to find a buyer?

Bring it by!

We pay cash money, on the spot, for anything of value.

Need to sell your iPad, iPod, PC or other device?

No problem! Bring it by!

We are one of the few shops that buys electronics.


We also buy:

The NEWEST Game Systems such as XBox, Wii & Playstation
Newer TVs such as LED, LCD
Newer Computers/Laptops
DJ Equipment
Cell Phones (SIM)
Musical Instruments
Cars & SUVs
Carbon Fiber Bikes
Power Tools

Call us first, and we will pay you a fair price on anything of value (even if you don’t see it listed here.)

If you have a unique item that is not listed here, you can give us a ring or just stop by with your item. We love unique items and will often take the stuff that the other guys just won’t take.