Looking for Quick Cash? Try Pawning These Items at Your Local Pawnshop Near Yorba Linda

Sometimes, expenses can sneak up on us at the worst times. If you need quick cash, either selling to or taking a loan from a pawnshop can be a great option to get the money you need fast.

Here’s a list of items that are commonly brought into pawnshops. Stop by Imperial Pawnbrokers, located near Yorba Linda, if you have other questions!


This is the most common type of merchandise that nearly all pawnbrokers will accept; in fact, some shops only take in jewelry. This is usually in relation to gold jewelry, but there are shops that will take silver or platinum if you have a bigger collection of it.

Gold jewelry is assessed by the purity or karat of the metal and how much it weighs. By multiplying the weight of the metal and the value of its purity, the pawnshop will estimate the value of your collection. The higher the karat, especially if it is over 14 karats, the more valuable your piece or pieces are. Once they have their estimate, the pawnshop will offer you a percentage of that worth, which is usually between 40-60%. The number that is offered depends on the stability and competition of the gold market when you bring in your items.

Relatedly, if your jewelry has diamonds that are substantial enough in their size and quality, the pawnshop will pay you for those as well. This usually means that the diamonds are clear, at least .5 carats and have a good color to them. The more carats your diamonds have, the more valuable your collection!

High-end electronics

Another frequently pawned and purchased item in pawnshops happen to be high-end electronics. This includes LCD and LED TVs that are relatively new, current game systems, digital SLR cameras, tablets, laptops and even smartphones.

The value of these items is determined by its condition and demand. If you pawn an electronic device, make sure that all relevant pieces – such as cords and remote controls – are included. Some shops prefer for items to have their original packaging included as well (which will likely give you a higher price). Also, before you go to the shop, save yourself time by making sure your devices are fully charged and work perfectly.


Many homeowners nowadays have old power tools in the garage or basement that haven’t been used in quite some time. If this sounds familiar, consider pawning these tools, as they are always in demand. This means that pawnshops will always pay you a fair price for these items. Something to remember, however, is that the older the tool, the less money you will receive for it.


Guns keep a higher retail value than other pawned items, which makes them a great item to either pawn or sell at a shop. Different shops follow different rules and regulations about guns, so check with your local shop before you bring one in.

Thinking about pawning or selling one of these items yourself? Bring it by Imperial Pawnbrokers! Located near Yorba Linda, we guarantee to give you a fair price for your items.