How Pawnshops Determine the Value of Your Item

Have you ever wondered how pawnshops buy and sell merchandise? They are a business, and like all businesses, they run on rules. But what rules exactly? While all pawnshops are different, here’s a glimpse into how your local pawnshop near Yorba Linda operates and determines the value of incoming items.

1. Experience.

Pawnbrokers must be knowledgeable about prices in order to be good at their job, and experience is a huge part of this process. They must know the current values of products that are regularly brought into the shop, such as gold, silver, watches and musical instruments. Knowing this, they can set prices in their shop based on their understanding of the industry.

In these cases, they will not have to check any other online resources to set their price. If something unique comes along, such as an antique ring worn by a well-known actress, they will use their experience as a way to know how to research the item itself and set a price that is takes into consideration the ring’s age and historical value.

2. Expert Opinions. 

With their experience, some pawnbrokers choose to specialize in items that other pawnbrokers may not be familiar with. This can be the case with some vintage items, like cars, paintings and firearms. Not all shops can specialize in these items, so sometimes pawnbrokers will reach out to those that do.

 3. Online Resources.
When pawnbrokers do not know the value of an item brought into their shop, they can use online resources such as Craigslist, eBay and even Amazon to help find information on the market of the item. This is common with rare books, stamps, and prints.

By doing an advanced search on one of these sites and looking at multiple pages of results, pawnshops can easily get the information they need to properly price an item. They pay attention to auction bid prices rather than “Buy it Now,” in order to understand how buyer’s value the item. Sometimes this process will take hours, but it can be one of the best ways to understand what the market of an item truly looks like.

 4. Sentimental Value.
Some merchandise doesn’t have so much of a traditional value, but a sentimental one—and that isn’t easy to establish. For example, a regular paperback book doesn’t contain much worth, but one that is signed by J.K. Rowling would definitely have an immense value, since there is a large fan base that would love to own such an item.

Now that you have an understanding as to how pawnshops determine the value of your items, visit Imperial Pawnbrokers today! Located near Yorba Linda, we are in the business of buying, selling and pawning unique and worthwhile items. So stop by our shop today!