How Pawnshops Can Help You Decorate on a Budget

Home decorating sounds costly and time-consuming, but don’t let that discourage you! Many pawnshops contain a wide variety of items to choose from, at a fraction of the cost. Here are some tips from us at Imperial Pawn Brokers on how pawnshops can help give your home a fresh, new look!

1. Make sure that you have a plan.
Whether it’s decorating a whole bedroom or simply adding some new kitchenware, it can be easy to get overexcited with planning your new layout. With bigger projects, it’s important to prioritize what to purchase first – especially if you’re decorating on a budget!

Start off by making a list of all the furniture that you need, then put them in order from most to least important. For example, while bookcases are helpful for holding all of your books, knickknacks, and other media, you won’t be able to enjoy the set-up much, if at all, without a couch or a set of chairs! By keeping track of what you need first, you can then focus on what you want so you can spend your hard-earned cash wisely.

In general, it’s good to start with big items that you will use every day. These items tend to be the focal points of the room that create that cozy, at-home feel. This is why prioritizing is important – buying the perfect couch will be pointless if it doesn’t fit next to the oversized table you purchased months ago.

2. Look out for retro furniture.

Pawnshops receive all sorts of furniture every day, including older, vintage pieces. These items are not only classics, but they tend to be sturdier than most modern pieces.

Bonus: vintage pieces are often sought after, so you might be able to profit on them later on.

Enjoy fun and funky décor.
Don’t be afraid to add some flair! Look out for unique trinkets and decorations that can make your place truly feel like a home. High-quality items such as lamps, picture frames, wall art, and vases can be expensive if you pay full retail value. At pawn shops, you can find these items largely discounted!

Are you ready to give your home a makeover? Come visit us at Imperial Pawn Brokers and let us help you decorate on a budget! For more information on our services or inventory, contact us today.