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Poker Player Style .22 Gun At Brea Pawn Shop

This is Guy from Imperial Pawn Brokers and we’re just going around the shop showing you some the cool stuff we have here. One thing I think is extremely cool is this little nickel-plated .32 it’s called a Hopkins and Allen .22 rim fire. Actually it’s not a .32; I stand corrected. It’s got ivory […]

Frederick Remington Found at Brea Pawn Shop

Hi guys, this is Dave again at Imperial Pawn. I wanted to show you some of the unique items we have over here at our Brea Pawnshop. We have this beautiful Frederick Remington bronze. It is a very, very nice piece; it’s an original bronze. It’s in excellent condition. This is a kind of stuff […]

Browning 22 Target Master For Sales at Imperial Pawnbrokers

Browning 22 Target Master It’s Guy again with Imperial Pawn Brokers and I’m going to talk a little bit about guns now. No, this is not a pellet gun, it is a real gun. It’s a 22 caliber target rifle, that’s why it has this long barrel. It also has a very light trigger pull […]

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Unique Paper Currency For Sale

Hello again, this is Guy from, and we have some unusual notes for sale. They’re unusual for two reasons: 1) Because they are in such pristine condition. You rarely see paper money with absolutely no folds and the corners intact and everything like that. 2) They’re also rare because they were printed by the […]