5 Items to Sell to a Pawnshop

Pawnshops aren’t just for pawning – you can sell items there as well! While each pawnshop might be a bit different in what they accept, they are all interested in finding things that have some sort of value to them. That’s why Imperial Pawnbrokers, located near Yorba Linda, has created a list of five items commonly accepted in most pawnshops. Read on to see if you have something that a pawnshop might like!

1. Jewelry
Virtually all types of pawnshops will accept some form of jewelry: gold, platinum, and silver, with gold being a high priority on the list. It is valued by its karat, which is the level of purity within the metal and how much it weighs. By multiplying the weight of the metal and the value of its purity, shops approximate the value of the item. Bigger items of 14 karats or more are ideal for pawnshops.

In most cases, stones are not valuable, unless they are diamonds of bigger size and quality.

2. Higher-end electronics
Electronics that are newer, such as large LED or LCD TVs, new game systems, iPads, and laptops are very popular pawnshop items. Shops will consider the condition of the item that you bring in before giving you a price for it. Make sure to also bring in all of the cords, directions, and packaging if you still have it.

3. Cameras
Cameras are also excellent items to sell to a pawnshop. Depending on the shop, they might be more interested in either film or digital cameras. Like electronics, you want to make sure that all pieces of the camera work properly and that you bring all the necessary cords, directions, and packaging along with it.

4. Bicycles
What matters most when trying to sell a bike to a pawnshop is the make and model of the bike and if it is in good condition. If the frame has dents or the tires are flat, the pawnshop may not accept it. Also, take a few minutes to clean up the bike to make sure you are getting the most value for it.

5. Battery- and gas-powered tools
Battery-powered tools like drills and circular saws are taken by many pawnshops. Make sure that the tool is charged so that the pawnbroker can see it in action. Age is also important when you think about battery-powered tools. Old tools that have 14.4 voltage are not going to be as successful as 20 voltage tools that are much newer and more powerful.

Gas-powered tools are also taken in by many pawnshops. Make sure that there is gas in the tool and that it runs properly. Of course, also make sure that the tool is clean and in good working condition as well.

If you’re interested in selling something to your local pawnshop, stop by Imperial Pawnbrokers today! We’re always looking for valuable items for our shop. To learn more about Imperial Pawnbrokers, visit our website or give us a call at 714-529-7296.