3 Reasons to Work With a Gold Pawn Shop


Commercials for Cash for Gold shops can be heard on just about every radio station at any time of day. The popularity of selling your gold to gold pawn shops is on the rise and is promoted as one of the quickest ways to get large amounts of cash. While some of the commercials may seem too good to be true or simply downright goofy, selling your gold to a gold pawn shop definitely has its benefits. Here are three of the top reasons to work with a gold pawn shop when you are looking to get out of a cash emergency:

  1. The price of gold keeps going up. The price of gold has been steadily increasing about every other day for a very long time. This pattern does not seem to be waning and offers promise for people who own gold valuables and need cash for them.
  2. No credit check and no penalties for non-payment. If you get a cash loan from a gold pawn shop for one of your gold valuables, you will not have to have a credit check like you would with a traditional bank loan. This means that everyone qualifies. In addition, if you do not pay back the loan in the specified timeframe, there is no monetary or credit score penalty; you simply have given the pawn shop ownership of your valuables and the loan is considered paid in full. Most people return to pay off their loan and reclaim their valuables, but if you can’t, there’s no need to worry about penalties.
  3. You will get top dollar for the item you pawn. Gold is a hot ticket item right now, which means not only will you get top dollar for it when you request the loan, but you will also be able to reclaim it and continue to hang on to something that is increasing in value every day. Using a gold pawn shop for a cash loan allows you to get cash fast and still rest easy knowing that the item will be back in your possession as soon as you pay off the loan.

Getting a cash loan through a gold pawn shop is easy and safe. To protect yourself, be sure you take your gold to a reputable gold pawn shop, like Imperial Pawn Brokers in Brea, CA. You will experience exceptional customer service and receive fair market value for all of your goods.